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ESCAPE WORLD BARCELONA IS A REAL-LIFE ESCAPE GAME THAT OFFERS YOU UNIQUE AND IMMERSIVE ADVENTURES, A TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES FROM 2 TO 6 PLAYERS.You and your team will be locked in a theme decorated room and to escape you must solve a series of puzzles before the time runs out. There is only 60 minutes so everyone must act quick! This unique adventure is formulated on the "Room Escape" video games rocking the net all over the world. REAL LIFE ESCAPE GAME ROOMS are where you and your group are immersed in a real life interactive game world - played in real life and not online. It is an interactive puzzle filled room that challenges you to think your way out of a locked room. It’s an escape from the online world and it’s about meeting a mental challenge and testing your skills in real life and real time.
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Pirates Adventure


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    Juego en vivo Room Escape en Barcelona:
    C/Lluis Sagnier, 16-18 Local 2
    08032 Barcelona
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